Experience the epitome of towing control with CURT’s True Course Advanced Bluetooth Trailer Sway Control System at Texas Truckworks in Magnolia Texas! This state-of-the-art electronic sway control system is designed to keep you in command, preventing sway during emergency maneuvers, challenging road conditions, and in adverse weather. CURT’s system is versatile, compatible with a diverse range of truck types, making it an indispensable tool for all drivers. What sets our system apart is its ability to function independently of the trailer braking controller. It kicks into action during emergency situations, limiting trailer sway without any intervention from the driver. Equipped with innovative motion-sensing technology, it detects trailer movements not controlled by the weight distribution hitch. At the heart of our system is CURT’s advanced patent-pending microprocessor technology. This advanced feature applies the trailer brakes swiftly and safely to limit sway, ensuring your towing experience is as safe as it can be. But that's not all. This system is compatible with both OneControl RV and Auto apps, providing a seamless wireless connection to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This means you can receive real-time updates and notifications about the system's status directly on your smartphone. Visit us to learn more about the power and precision of CURT’s True Course Advanced Bluetooth Trailer Sway Control System. Take control of your towing experience today. Contact the Team at Texas Truckworks to get your towing solutions!