Experience the unmatched prowess of this Ford F450, meticulously outfitted with the bold spirit of Texas Truckworks. Sporting DDC wheels encased in Nitto 295-65-20 Ridge Grappler Tires, this truck is a testament to rugged sophistication. For those epic journeys, the Velocity Blue F450 Beast is equipped with a colossal 100-gallon bed-mounted Transfer Flow Diesel fuel tank, complemented by a 68-gallon S & B replacement tank, empowering you with a near-unbelievable cruising range of close to 2000 miles. Crowning this formidable beast is a top-tier Bak Industries MX4 bed cover, ensuring durability and style. Whatever your adventure, a custom-built Ford F450 from Texas Truckworks is your ultimate companion, ready to tackle any challenge. At Texas Truckworks, we don’t just build trucks; we forge legends. Experience the difference with us.