Magnuson's all-new, fully redesigned Jeep 3.6L V6 supercharger system is a masterpiece of engineering, tailored specifically for 2018-2021 (non-eTorque) Wrangler (JL) and Gladiator (JT) models. Our team of experts has meticulously paired a TVS1900 supercharger with the engine to ensure peak thermal efficiency throughout nearly the entire duty cycle. This precision results in exceptionally low inlet air temperatures, catapulting horsepower and torque to levels that rival V8 engines, all at a remarkably affordable price. Out of the box, with no additional modifications, this kit impressively delivers 440 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque at the crank—translating to approximately 372 rear wheel hp. This represents a phenomenal 59% increase in power over the standard V6. Moreover, with 440HP, the Magnuson Jeep JL/JT supercharger kit surpasses the power output of a 5.7L HEMI V8 by 22%, offering more horsepower at a fraction of the cost of a HEMI V8 swap. This makes it a far more economical choice, freeing up your budget for further enhancements. The installation process is straightforward and can be completed in just one day, with minimal downtime for your vehicle. Note that unlocking and re-flashing the ECU may add a couple of extra days. The kit is also designed for easy reversal to stock configuration without the need for cutting, welding, or system swaps. At Texas Truckworks, we commit to the highest standards of quality in all our supercharger kits. Each kit comes complete with everything needed to supercharge your Jeep, including detailed, step-by-step installation instructions. Stop by TexasTruckworks and order your Magnuson Supercharger and experience the formidable power of a Magnuson Supercharged Jeep!