What Is Off-Roading Suspension? A suspension system is essentially a spring connected to the chassis and linked to an axle. Its dual functions are to absorb and distribute road shock and to support the vehicle’s chassis and body. A complete suspension system includes springs, shocks, and sometimes control arms or locating links. These components work together to protect the truck’s structure and the passenger area from road disturbances. The tire is the first point of contact with road bumps, absorbing initial impacts before passing the force to the wheel and suspension system. The springs in the suspension system handle the bumps and irregularities from the road, allowing the suspension’s components to move vertically, which is known as wheel travel. The movement of a spring is called spring oscillation, and spring rate determines its stiffness—the stiffer the spring, the rougher the ride. Main types of springs include leaf springs, coil springs, and torsion springs. For optimal results, it's crucial to consult with experts like those at Texas Truckworks to ensure you select the appropriate springs and shocks for your needs. At Texas Truckworks, our goal is to tailor a suspension system that matches your driving style.