What Is A 4×4 Shock Absorber? Understanding the suspension's role in an off-road vehicle might lead you to ask about the function of a shock absorber. Is it not the same as the suspension? The purpose of a shock absorber, also known as a damper, is to manage or reduce the movement of the springs. A damper consists of an oil-filled tubular cartridge. Inside, a circular piston is immersed in fluid and attached to a long metal rod. This rod, typically smooth and covered by a rubber boot, transfers the suspension's movement to the internal piston of the damper. As the piston moves through the fluid, it generates heat from the resistance, which the fluid absorbs. Essentially, a damper controls the vibrations of the springs by converting the spring's energy into thermal energy. This heat is then spread through the fluid, transferred to the damper’s metal or alloy body, and finally released into the air. So, for maintaining or building a truck, both the suspension and shock absorbers are crucial components. For expert advice and service on off-road suspension needs, contact the shock and suspension specialists at Texas Truckworks in The Woodlands, Texas.