Equip your vehicle with Mickey Thompson’s Baja Boss M/T tires at Texas Truckworks in Magnolia, Texas, and dominate any terrain. Mickey Thompson’s Baja Boss M/T Tires are top-tier extreme mud terrain tires with an innovative asymmetrical tread pattern designed for minimal noise, superior off-road traction, and enhanced on-road performance. They include robust Sidebiters for added off-road grip and protection, Powerply™ XD 3-Ply construction for increased sidewall puncture resistance, and a silica-reinforced compound for improved tread life, wet performance, and overall durability. Proven in competition, the Baja Boss M/T delivers an unmatched off-road experience and excellent on-road handling. Visit Texas Truckworks today and upgrade to Mickey Thompson’s Baja Boss M/T tires for superior performance and style.