1. Conroe ISD is one of the biggest employers around here – they hire a ton of people! 2. Conroe is booming! It's actually the fastest growing city in the U.S. right now. 3. Looking for a new place? Conroe's got loads of options, with 20-30 new neighborhoods popping up. 4. Lake Conroe is right here! It's the top spot for fun on the water in Texas, sprawling over 21,000 acres, mostly in Montgomery County. 5. Downtown Conroe is not just the heart of Montgomery County, it's a gorgeous spot that's been spruced up nicely. You’ll find awesome eateries, cool pubs, and vibrant art scenes. Don’t miss out on the antique shops either! 6. If you're into nature, Conroe is your place with its forests, preserves, and trails ready for exploring. 7. Hurricanes? Not much of a worry here in Conroe, with only 50 hitting in the last 90 years. But yeah, watch out for some flooding in places like River Plantation. 8. Back in the 1930s, thanks to the oil boom, Conroe was home to more millionaires per capita than anywhere else in the U.S.! 9. Yep, we still love our print here! The Conroe Courier comes out every day. 10. January’s pretty mild around here – average highs hit about 61 degrees. Texas Truckworks is Conroe Texas Proud!