This Universal Newsreel features intense footage of an oil well fire in Conroe, Texas. The video captures men using protective shields to approach the fire and a crane dumping dirt to extinguish the flames. In the 1930s, Conroe, like other East Texas towns, experienced an oil boom. The footage likely shows the Conroe well fires of 1933, where two wells, the Standard of Kansas No. 1 Madeley and the Southland Oil No. 2 Cummings, caught fire on January 12th. The Madeley well was especially challenging to control, resisting efforts with nitroglycerine blasts and dirt fill, eventually leading to a massive crater that caused significant damage. After several relief wells were drilled, the fires were put out, leaving behind a large oil-filled crater in the Conroe Oil Fields. Texas Truckworks is proud to be part of the vibrant Conroe, Texas community!