At Texas Truckworks, we take great pride in our extensive expertise in coilover suspension systems, a field in which we have been pioneers since the early 1990s. Our notable contribution to this area includes outfitting the renowned King Krunch monster truck with advanced coilover shocks. A coilover combines a shock absorber and a spring into a single unit, ingeniously designed to ensure that both components work in perfect synchronization. This integration provides superior dampening performance and effective impact absorption across various terrains. The design of a coilover includes a shock body filled with oil, through which a piston on a shaft moves. The piston is equipped with precisely engineered holes and shims, allowing for the strategic flow of oil that creates the resistance essential for the dampening process. This mechanism is crucial for delivering a smooth driving experience. It is important to note that coilovers can generate heat during operation, which may degrade the oil and reduce the effectiveness of the shock. To address this issue, our high-performance coilover shocks are pre-filled with nitrogen to prevent air bubble formation and constructed with an aluminum body to enhance heat dissipation. These features help maintain the integrity and performance of the suspension system. The most common coilover size available in the market is the 2-inch model, which offers travel lengths ranging from 10 to 16 inches. We also provide options in 2.5 and 3-inch diameters. The 2-inch coilovers are particularly beneficial due to their wide range of spring rate options, despite having a smaller shaft. At Texas Truckworks, we are committed to offering only premium brands like King and Fox for coilover shocks. We ensure that every ride not only meets but exceeds expectations, reflecting our dedication to quality and performance in the aftermarket industry.