The Legend series is meticulously designed for the industrious individual. Crafted with exceptional care in Shiner, Texas, the Legend series epitomizes resilience and boldness, serving as a testament to unwavering tenacity. This series transcends the ordinary, symbolizing steadfast reliability that lightens your load on demanding workdays. As the pioneering ranch-style bumper, the Legend series boasts robust diamond plate steel and a formidable 4-1/2" schedule-40 steel pipe that not only protects but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle with its rugged contours. The front bumper of the Legend series is akin to a fortress, featuring a comprehensive wrap-around grille guard with durable 5/16" uprights and 12-gauge perforated steel inserts, offering supreme protection from the unpredictabilities of the road. Equipped with a standard 2" front receiver, it excels in utility, facilitating easy towing of trailers and connection of carriers or additional equipment. Texas Truckworks and Ranch Hand are two distinguished names in Montgomery County, Texas, synonymous with quality and durability in automotive enhancements.