DDC Wheels are meticulously crafted to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your dually pickup. Our 8-lug dually wheels feature a sophisticated 10-lug design, standard with stylish bullet-style lug covers, with an option to upgrade to spike lug covers for a more distinctive look. Each set of DDC Wheels is engineered for a direct bolt-on installation, ensuring a hub-centric fit that eliminates the need for bulky adapters. Our products are entirely free of plastic components, utilizing metal lug covers secured with elegant stainless steel hardware for enhanced durability and appeal. Key Features of DDC Wheels: - Direct Bolt-On: Designed for seamless mounting to your OEM dually chassis. - No Adapters Required: Removes the necessity for heavy and costly aftermarket adapters. - No Rear Dual Spacers: Our 22” wheel packages accommodate tires up to 12.50” wide, and our 20” wheel packages are suitable for tires up to 295/65 (35.12×11.77) or 37×11.50. - 10 Lug Design: Cutting-edge designs that merge sleek aesthetics with practical functionality, providing your dually with a commanding Big Rig appearance. - Hub-Centric: Ensures maximum concentricity for all DDC Wheels; front, inner, and outer. - Zero Plastic: All wheel packages are free of plastic, featuring aluminum caps, metal lug covers, and stainless steel cap bolts. - Inner Wheels: Available in raw machined or black with designs that complement the overall style. - Industry-Leading Load Ratings: Both DDC-Cast and DDC-Forged wheels meet the highest industry standards. - Available Lug Configurations: 8×6.5, 8×170, 8×200, 8×210. Texas Truckworks is a proud retailer of DDC Dually Wheels, serving Conroe, Magnolia, Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball, Navasota, Willis, and surrounding areas near our Magnolia, Texas facility.