Introducing the NACHO Quatro Combo: The Epitome of Versatile Lighting. Elevate your lighting experience with the NACHO Quatro Combo, a masterful integration of cutting-edge technology. This system features a meticulously engineered combo beam that incorporates TIR optics and flood lenticular technology, offering expansive coverage and precise spotlight capabilities. Ideal for diverse lighting requirements, the Quatro Combo boasts 120 watts of power, producing an impressive 10,486 lumens of effective brightness and 124,000 candela per set. Enhance your lighting further by pairing the Quatro Combo with the Quatro Spots. This combination provides unmatched illumination, ideal for navigating the darkest trails and tackling the most challenging off-road conditions. The sleek 4-inch pod design and customizable settings of the Quatro lights allow for unparalleled control, enabling you to tailor your lighting to suit every adventure. For expert guidance and acquisition of NACHO lighting solutions, Texas Truckworks is at your service in Conroe, The Woodlands, and Spring, Texas.