What Suspension Best Suits Your Needs? Choosing the right suspension system is essential whether you plan to tackle the tough terrain of Moab, UT, or want improved ride and handling on local fire roads. Standard factory equipment may not suffice. A long arm link suspension works best for the extreme angles seen in off-road driving. If you're dealing with boulders, rocks, and other obstacles, check the rear of your vehicle first. This choice is simple, particularly if your vehicle, like a Jeep JK, doesn't have a gas tank inside the frame rail, in which case a triangulated 4-link is recommended. Which Suspension Is Optimal? A triangulated 4-link setup lacks a rear track bar, which is beneficial as it keeps the axle centered during vertical movements. A track bar, on the other hand, causes the axle to move back and forth, compromising stability. Removing the rear track bar also improves axle flexibility or articulation, crucial for off-road driving. A 3-link rear is only suitable when space limitations from components like a gas tank restrict your choices, as in Jeep Wrangler JK or JL models. For the front setup of your off-road vehicle, first check your steering system. The choice between a 3-link and 4-link setup mainly depends on whether you have a steering gearbox (with or without hydraulic assist) or use full hydraulic steering with an axle-mounted steering ram. A steering gearbox requires a front track bar to keep the axle aligned under steering forces. If your system uses full hydraulic steering, a 4-link setup is preferred for the same reasons as the rear setup, to ensure the axle stays centered during suspension movements. TMR Customs Offers Both 4-Link and 3-Link Suspensions If you're planning a major suspension upgrade this year, consider TMR Customs for top-notch solutions. With a wealth of experience in vehicle modifications, we're ready to enhance your truck's performance. Texas Truckworks in Magnolia, Texas, is your key TMR Customs provider, ready to help with your off-road requirements.