WHEEL RINGS AND ACCESSORIES ORACLE Lighting presents an extensive range of LED Wheel Ring Kits designed to cater to diverse preferences and budgets. Our kits are engineered to captivate attention, offering both single-row and double-row configurations. The single-row kits are versatile, accommodating nearly any wheel size, whereas the double-row lights deliver enhanced brightness and are suitable for wheels 19 inches in diameter or larger. For enthusiasts desiring a spectrum of color options, our ColorSHIFT® RGB+W LED Wheel Ring Kits feature a multitude of vibrant colors, including a pure 6,000K white. Additionally, our Dynamic ColorSHIFT® LED Wheel Ring kits provide the ability to choose from 200 distinct light patterns through our complimentary application. Each of our LED Wheel Ring Kits is equipped with high-intensity LEDs capable of enduring extreme temperatures. These kits are constructed from durable aluminum and incorporate weatherproof connectors to ensure longevity. With a diameter of 16.5 inches, our rings are the largest available in the market, designed to clear oversized brake systems. We also provide 12-inch diameter wheel ring kits, which are compatible with most wheels sized 14 inches and larger and are suitable for a variety of UTV, ATV, and sub-compact car applications. ORACLE Lighting LED Wheel Ring Kits offer an unparalleled custom appearance. Texas Truckworks is your premier supplier of ORACLE lighting solutions, proudly serving Conroe Texas