At Texas Truckworks, we understand that being stuck with a small fuel tank can limit your adventures and productivity. That's why we offer high-capacity replacement fuel tank upgrades that allow you to go farther between fuel stops, ensuring you can get more done with less hassle. **More Fuel, Less Hassle:** Our high-capacity fuel tanks are direct replacements for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) fuel tank, designed to fit perfectly without any modifications to your vehicle. This means you can enjoy increased fuel capacity and extend your range without any compromises. **Plug and Play Installation:** Each S&B Tank we provide comes with all the necessary components for a straightforward installation. These tanks mount in the stock location and do not require relocating any nearby components. The mounting straps included are E-coated stainless steel, offering extreme corrosion resistance. We reuse the factory fill neck, ensuring compatibility with all fifth wheel and gooseneck hitches. **Accurate Fuel Gauge:** Despite the increased capacity, the accuracy of your fuel gauge won't be compromised. Most S&B tanks utilize the OE gauge sending unit, allowing you to reliably track your fuel level from full to empty. Serving Conroe, Tomball, Spring, The Woodlands, Texas, and surrounding areas, Texas Truckworks is your go-to source for fuel tank upgrades. Enhance your vehicle's functionality and extend your journeys with our expertly installed, high-capacity fuel tanks.