The Bak Industries MX4 bed cover, which we offer at Texas Truckworks, is a premium, hard-folding tonneau cover designed to provide top-notch security and protection for truck beds. Here’s what makes the MX4 bed cover stand out: 1. **Durability and Security**: Made with aluminum panels that are matte-finished, the MX4 bed cover offers durability against harsh weather conditions and potential theft. The cover is strong enough to hold up to 400 lbs. of evenly distributed weight. 2. **Weather Resistance**: The MX4 features a new integrated tailgate seal that allows the tailgate to close regardless of the bed cover's position. It also has enhanced perimeter seals and inner drainage system to keep the bed dry. 3. **Ease of Use**: This cover folds into three sections allowing for partial or full truck bed access without needing to remove the cover entirely. It is easy to operate and can be folded from either side of the truck with quick-release cables. 4. **Sleek, Low-Profile Design**: The MX4's design is flush with the bed of the truck, providing a sleek, stylish appearance while improving the aerodynamics of the vehicle, potentially reducing fuel consumption. 5. **Compatibility and Installation**: It is designed to fit a wide range of trucks and comes fully assembled for a straightforward installation process that doesn’t require drilling or special tools. Texas Truckworks at 936-321-4040.