The Magnuson supercharger system, designed for the Jeep Gladiator JL or JT equipped with a 3.6L engine, significantly enhances vehicle performance by boosting horsepower and torque to rival that of a V8 engine, yet at a more economical cost. **Horsepower and Torque Enhancements:** This system elevates horsepower by nearly 60% and increases torque to 380 ft/lbs at the crankshaft. This equates to approximately 375 rear wheel horsepower and 320 rear wheel torque, dramatically improving the vehicle's power output. **Optimized Thermal Efficiency:** The supercharger operates within its optimal thermal efficiency zone throughout most of the engine's duty cycle. This optimization helps maintain lower inlet air temperatures, enhancing overall performance. Renowned for their expertise in enhancing Jeep performance, Texas Truckworks together with Magnuson, are trusted names in the industry.