LT engine conversions have surpassed the LS engine swaps for Jeep Wranglers. GM has unveiled their most advanced small-block V8 to date—the new Gen-V LT engine family, leading to a significant reduction in the production of the older generation GM LS engine blocks. Consequently, the LS3 crate engine from GM Performance is no longer available. However, Bruiser Conversions has ingeniously designed, tested, and released the LX3 crate engine. This LT-based engine features port injection utilizing a Gen-IV operating system and boasts a robust 6.6L capacity, free from the power and RPM constraints typically associated with factory direct injection. Bruiser Conversions offers a comprehensive, bolt-in LX3 V8 engine conversion kit, seamlessly integrating into your Jeep Gladiator JT project. For those in Magnolia, Texas, Texas Truckworks is your go-to source for Jeep V8 installations!