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How long Has Texas Truckworks been doing Lifts?

first install was in 1977 and it was a Burbank Suspension lift on a K5 Blazer

Does Texas Truckworks sell Diesel programmers?

Yes we do, but we don’t sell or install any products that change the EPA settings on a vehicle!

I’m looking at a ten inch lift for my vehicle what kit do you recommend?

We don’t recommend a ten inch kit on a vehicle, our biggest system is a six inch to eight inch, we want to enhance the vehicle handling, not hurt the handling!

What size wheel do yo suggest on a Chevrolet 1500 with a 7,5 inch suspension lift?

we like to use a 20 x 9 or a 20 x 10 for most vehicles, a 20 x 12 or a 22 on certain application, nothing every wider than 12 inches!

I pull a horse trailer with my Ford F250 4×4 with a 4 inch lift. How do I keep the rear from sagging when i pull my trailer loaded with horses?

we would suggest a super spring or air bags!

Do you think a Nitto Mud Grappler is a good tire for a jeep Jk with a four inch list?

we don’t suggest the Mud Grappler if your going to drive on the road, we would suggest the Nitto Trail Grappler it’s a great looking tire and will give you near 50 thousand miles of great service!

I have a 2014 Ram 2500 Cummins 4×4 with a six inch lift, do you install six inch stacks in the bed?

no we do not!